Why You Should Try Different Coffee Brewing Methods

Is There A “Best” Way to Brew Coffee?

Actually, no one method is the best way to brew coffee,  it’s all subjective, so it comes down to your own personal taste.  However, it doesn’t hurt to try a few other coffee brewing methods as each delivers something different to your cup, such as body and clarity, for instance.

Coffee has come a long way over the centuries so over time there have been some great coffee brewing inventions which have resulted in giving us different brews. Whichever way you to chose to make your coffee, all use at least one of the four extraction processes:  filter, boil, pressure and steep.   Despite the huge variety of gadgets and gizmos to make coffee, they all use water to extract the flavors and aromas from the ground beans.

Remember, the two factors to keep in mind when trying different brewing methods are:

  1. the type of coffee beans you are going to use
  2. coffee grind and the amount used

So read on and discover some wonderful ways to brew coffee, we’ve also listed the brewing method’s pros and cons…you never know, you might just find a new way to make your morning cup of joe with our How To guides.