How to Make Perfect Filter Coffee

The Filter Drip Way to Brew Coffee

Automated for our convenience and let’s face it, sometimes taking the easy option is good, but with this method you might not get a superior cup of coffee, so always make sure you’re using the best quality coffee beans.

Drip Filter Coffee Brewing Method

Filter Coffee Machine for Making Coffee


 Brew Method

  • quite simply, ground coffee is placed into either a circular metal, paper, or cloth filter which then slides into the machine
  • water is added and automatically heated and then seeps through the grounds in the filter, trickling coffee into the coffee pot that is sat on the machine’s warming plate.

Whilst the water is passing through the grounds it’s extracting and collecting aromas, chemicals, and soluble fats which give a different mouthfeel to other methods of brewing.

Filtered coffee has fewer lipids than other brews, which means less oils so it produces a crisper cup of coffee.

What Coffee Grind is Recommended?

If the machine uses paper filters, then you’ll need a medium grind.  If a metal filter is being used, then a fine to medium grind should be used.  Think of sand or sugar for consistency.

Filter Coffee Brewing Tips

  • before pouring give the coffee in the pot a good swirl to mix the aromas
  • don’t keep the coffee pot on the warmer for any longer that 15 minutes or you’ll regret it and end up with a disgustingly burnt flavored coffee.  It will also start to taste extremely bitter
  • if you’ve made too much, or you want several cups, by all means keep the coffee warm but pour it into an insulated thermal carafe.  That way the coffee won’t keep brewing (it will if you keep it on the warmer)
  • warm the carafe first with hot water so the coffee isn’t cooled down too much
  • use a “cone-shaped” filter holder and not a “basket-shaped” one as it allows for better coffee extraction

What’s Good About Filter Coffee?

  • so damn quick and easy!  just tip the coffee in, pour the water in and click the button to heat
  • you can make several cups at once, so great if you’ve got a few visitors around that all want coffee
  • no mess – just throw the (organic) filter paper in the garbage, or better still compost it
  • filtered coffee traps cafestol and kahweol from the coffee beans that are said to raise LDL cholesterol levels

What’s Bad About Filter Coffee?

  • cheaper models tend not to heat the water to a hot enough temperature, so optimal extraction isn’t happening
  • there’s now more specialty drip brew methods that are a lot better than the filter drip method, such as the pour-over and, of course, the now massively popular single-cup  drip coffee machine (we all have one!)
  • not really environmentally friendly as it uses electricity to heat, and even more if it’s left on.
  • paper filters are known to absorb some of the flavors and can give a “papery” taste to your coffee
  • white paper filters have been bleached, so always go for organic

Coffee Character

Crisp (as we said), clear, and delicate – just what you need when you wake up at the weekend.


Refer to appliance’s instructions but warm soapy water will clean the coffee pot and once the warmer has cooled down just wipe with a damp cloth.

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