The Pour Over Method to Great Coffee

Pour Over or Manual Drip Brew Method

Pour over coffee chemex


The pour over brewing method has become a trendy way to make coffee since the Japanese pour over brewer, the Hario V60 pushed its way into the US coffee market.  The revival of the US made Chemex has also helped raise the popularity levels of the pour over method.

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Method

  • If you’re using a paper filter, place it in the cone and pour hot water over the entire filter to rinse it through to get rid of any paper taste
  • grind your coffee beans medium to fine and put the required amount into the paper or mesh filter (a good rule of thumb to use is 60 grams of ground coffee for every 1 liter of water)
  • boil the kettle and then let the water sit for around 15 seconds before slowly pouring some of the water over to just wet the coffee – start in the middle then continue in concentric circles
  • let the coffee “bloom” for 30 seconds
  • after 30 seconds slowly pour in the remaining hot water
  • the coffee will drip through into the Chemex

Coffee Grind Recommendation

Medium if using paper filters and fine to medium for mesh filters.

Tips for Better Brewing

  • always allow the coffee grounds to bloom, as this helps release the flavor
  • brew time takes 2-4 minutes for the water to slowly filter through, but this will differ depending on your dose and grind

Pour Over Coffee Method Pros

  • brilliant for camping as this brewing method is totally portable
  • you have control which means you get to play around with the filter size, pouring speed and grind to really get the cup of coffee you want
  • inexpensive (always to a good thing) to buy and thee’s lots of brands to choose from

Pour Over Coffee Method Cons

  • this way of making coffee can be pretty time consuming, you have to pour the water in slowly and wait for it to filter through
  • as you can change the variables like pouring speed and grind, it might take a bit of practice to get those right
  • pouring the hot water in too fast can result in the grounds spilling over the side of the filter and into your cup

Coffee Character

A well-rounded, gentle cup of coffee.


Again, check the instructions but most filter holders are dishwasher safe.  Clean the receptacle with a soft sponge and warm soapy water.

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