Siphon or Vacuum Brewer Method to Making Coffee

Siphon or Vacuum Brew Coffee Method

What is a Siphon or Vacuum Brewer?

This coffee brewing method has been around for centuries and is a fairly elaborate way of making coffee.

The siphon looks like something you would use in a lab to conduct experiments in, as it consists of two glass bowls with one fitting on top of the other.  Water is heated in the bottom part where the steam forces boiling water up into the top bowl to infuse with the ground coffee.  The coffee is then sucked down by vacuum pressure into the lower bowl.

Siphon Brewing Method

  • place the bottom bowl on the stand and fill with near-boiling water (this speeds up the process), fill with enough for the number of cups you want
  • put the cloth filter into the upper glass chamber and place ground coffee into the upper bowl
  • attach the top bowl to the bottom one and ensure you have an airtight seal
  • light the flame on the stand and watch as the boiling water is forced upwards into the upper bowl
  • as the water infuses with the coffee, stir it around and let steep for 1-2 minutes turn off the flame and let cool.  As it does the vacuum pressure sucks the coffee down and into the bottom bowl
  • when the top bowl is empty, remove it and pour yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee

Coffee Grind to Use

Medium to fine.

Siphon Brewing Method Tips

  • boiling water via the kettle really speeds up the process instead of waiting for the flame to heat the water.

What’s Great About The Siphon Brewing Method?

  • the siphon itself looks an awesome piece of coffee making kit
  • you’ll feel like you’re taking part in a science experiment when you see the coffee bubbling and being sucked into the lower bowl
  • it produces a fantastic cup of coffee and you’re going to look pretty cool in front of your friends using this technique

What’s Not So Great?

  • if you’re impatient and don’t want to have to wait for your coffee, then this method probably isn’t going to be for you as it’s fairly time-consuming
  • there’s a chance you will burn yourself on the bowls or the burner, so always use heat pads or gloves

Coffee Character

Clear, crisp and almost tea-like with fruity qualities.

Cleaning the Siphon

Give the bowls a wash with warm soapy water and give a good rinse.

If you’re using a paper filter then just throw it away and rinse the filter holder as above.  If you’re using a cloth filter then just rinse in hot water, do not use soap and then either freeze it when it’s still wet, or place in a container and keep it in the fridge until next time.

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