20 Amazing Uses for your Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds has many uses

There are so many uses for coffee grounds, such as not only helping us function for the day ahead but many other uses ranging from helping the environment to helping our skin.  In fact, when you find out just how many uses for coffee grounds there are, you’ll never throw them away again (without feeling guilty anyway).

Uses for coffee grounds as plant fertilizer

Are coffee grounds good for plants?  You bet, rose bushes, azaleas, camellias, and evergreens thrive on the acidity of coffee grounds (as well as nitrogen, etc) to help them grow.

Don’t scatter the grounds on top of the soil, dig the soil near the roots and place 3/4 of a cup of coffee grounds into the soil to prevent mold growing.  Only do this around once a month as you don’t want to raise the levels of acidity in the soil too much.

Tomato plants

Put approximately 1 tablespoon of used coffee grounds around the base of each tomato plant and water 1-2 times a week, then watch the plant thrive.

Cats and coffee grounds

There is nothing worse than having cat poop in your garden, and it’s even more annoying when it’s not your cat.  So how do you stop cats using your garden as a toilet?

A good cat repellent is a mixture of coffee grounds with dried orange peel, or rosemary oil, scattered in areas where the cat has taken a liking to pooping.  Hopefully, this combination of coffee grounds will keep cats away.

Be careful not to sprinkle the repellent near plants that are not acid-loving though.

Coffee grounds bug repellent

Many gardeners sprinkle used coffee grounds on the patio area and around the flower bed areas to keep slugs at bay as they hate the acidity in coffee. Along with this being a great repellent, you’re also doing your bit for the environment by not putting down harmful chemicals, which has got to be one of the best uses for coffee grounds.

Fly repellent

Apparently, if you place coffee grounds near doors and windows they help keep away flies.  Got to be worth a try.

Get rid of stinky odors

Put a few tablespoons of dry coffee grounds into a tub (a margarine tub does just fine) and pierce some holes in the lid so the smell can be absorbed.  This method is great for getting rid of smells in your fridge, freezer and even your car.   This is especially useful if someone has suffered from car sickness in your car and you’ve had the pleasure of having to clean it up!

Smelly shoes

Again get those dry grounds put to good use and tip several tablespoons into a sock or pantyhose and tie the end; put the sock or pantyhose into the shoes and leave overnight so the grounds can work their magic and get rid of those smells.

This method is also good if you have a musty closet, just place the sock at the back and the smells will be absorbed.

Pet odors

One of the worst things about having a dog is that doggy smell they leave behind.

But you can get rid of the smell by slowly heating a cup of freshly ground beans in a cast iron skillet, remove the skillet once the beans release their coffee aromas and place it on a trivet in the odorous room.  Once the coffee beans have cooled down they will have absorbed that doggy smell and your room will be smelling wonderful again.

Uses for coffee grounds around the house

Fix furniture scratches

Get rid of those obvious scratches in your wooden furniture by dabbing damp coffee grounds onto the scratch with a cotton swab.  Leave for 10-15 minutes then gently wipe the grounds away.  If the scratches are still visible, apply another application, you might have to do this several times depending on the darkness of the wood.

Sink unblocker

A great way to unblock your sink is by tossing your used grounds down the sink followed by some liquid soap and then freshly boiled water from the kettle, which shifts the build up in the pipes.

Be careful not to just throw your grounds down the sink too often as they can also cause a blockage.

Sink cleaner

Used wet coffee grounds are a great way to get rid of stains in a stainless steel sink.  Sprinkle them on the bottom of the sink then rub them around with kitchen roll and watch the stains disappear before your very eyes.   Wipe up the grounds and rinse.

Pots & pans

Use wet or dry grounds to clean pots and pans and kitchen countertops (test a small area of the countertop first though for colorfastness).  Just sprinkle the grounds on the surface and give a good scrub with a sponge or cloth.  This is great for getting burnt food off pans.

Fireplace cleaner

Sprinkle wet coffee grounds on top of the ashes before you sweep them up as they’ll help stop them floating around, which saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Arts & crafts

Fossil dough

This is such a great way to put those coffee grounds to good use.

Let your kids create their own fossil collection with this easy to make dough as featured on pbs.org.  With just five ingredients: wet, used coffee grounds, cold coffee, salt, flour, and parchment paper, you can really provide hours of entertainment.

Dye your Easter eggs

Naturally color your Easter eggs to give them a gentle brown hue by simply placing them in boiling water and adding your used coffee grounds.  Make sure you have enough water in the pan to cover the eggs completely.

Alternatively, re-wet the coffee grounds and rub them over the eggs; this way you can add color depth by reapplying after each coating.

Paint a pretty picture

It’s no secret that arts & crafters have found a few uses for coffee grounds, such as a ‘paint’.

Brush brewed coffee onto cardstock or parchment paper and when dry you will have a fantastic faded, antiqued look.

Homemade coffee scented candle

Upcycle leftover candle wax ends and coffee grounds and you can create a really aromatic candle.  With just a few simple items, you really can make a candle that’s just as good, or even better than one you would buy, and also at a fraction of the price.

Coffee grounds for your body

Gorgeous soap

Look along the aisles of any good craft store and you should find a good selection of soap making kits that are very reasonably priced.

Select one that has ingredients that are good for your skin, such as goats milk, and by choosing a melt and pour soap base you should eliminate the use of lye, which if not used properly can burn your skin.

Mix in some coffee grounds into your soap base, let it set and you’ve then got some great smelling, moisturizing and exfoliating bars of soap.

Facial & body scrub

This coffee grounds scrub really gets your skin feeling clean and soft.

Scoop in a tablespoon or so of organic coconut oil into a pot, add half a teaspoon of turmeric, a few drops of olive oil and as much used coffee grounds as you want to add.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to the face or body; gently rub the area to exfoliate.

The aroma of coffee is amazing and don’t worry about the orange hue on your skin, it washes off. Just remember that if you are using a facial cloth to wipe the mixture from your face, it will color the cloth and may not come out completely when washed, so don’t use anything you that you wouldn’t want to be discolored.

Stop bleeding

Apparently putting coffee grounds on a small cut is said to stop it bleeding almost immediately. If you do try this, make sure the wound is thoroughly cleaned afterward so none of the grounds are left in which could cause infection.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list and found some uses for your coffee grounds and also solved a few problems.

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