How to Store Coffee Beans

Best way to store coffee beans to keep them fresh


best way to store coffee beans

Storing coffee beans

Whether you want to roast the coffee beans yourself or you’ve bought a bag from your local coffeehouse, either way you’ll need to keep them in the best condition to maximize their freshness.  So knowing how to store coffee beans correctly is vital to a good quality cup.





Best way to store coffee beans

After roasting, coffee beans reach optimal flavor several hours to a day later (this varies though according to what type is roasted).

Oxygen starts to cause the aroma to slowly deteriorate after around 48 hours, but the beans are still fresh for up to 7 days.

Storing the beans properly is a must as there are 4 factors that ruin the quality of your freshly roasted coffee beans:

1. Air
2. Moisture
3. Heat
4. light

So after the beans have cooled to room temperature, here’s the best way to store your roasted coffee beans for maximum quality and freshness:

  • Rest the coffee beans in a loosely covered storage container, such as a glass jar for between 4-8 hours
  • After this time seal them in an opaque, air-tight container for between 12-24 hours before grinding.  Store them in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight, and away from the oven area where it can warm the cabinet areas.

Screw top jars are recommended but if you are using a jar with a rubber seal, make sure the seal is in excellent condition and won’t allow any air to seep in. This is essential for storing coffee beans properly.

CAUTION: only fill the container halfway with coffee beans as they let off CO2 that will build up and apply pressure to the container’s wall and lid…and you don’t want that blowing off.

If you have the time, roast coffee beans twice a week and in small batches. These freshly roasted whole beans will now stay fresh for up to a week if stored correctly.

Coffee bean storage tips:

how to store coffee beans

Store coffee beans in opaque container


  • Store beans in an airtight container, or specialized coffee canisters.
  • Buy coffee beans in amounts that you will use over a couple of weeks to ensure freshness.
  • Store away from heat fluctuations.
  • If using a bag to store your beans and it’s not quite adequate for the job, place the bag inside an airtight container.


  • We recommend you don’t store your freshly roasted coffee beans in the fridge.  But if you do decide to, make sure the storage container is completely air tight so the coffee beans cannot absorb odors or tastes from food stored in there.
  • Should coffee beans be stored in the freezer?  The jury is out on whether you should freeze coffee beans.  If you do decide to, only thaw what you need for grinding and when you are ready to brew each time.  Again make sure the storage container is airtight so the coffee beans don’t suffer from freezer burn.
  • Don’t refreeze beans once thawed.
  • Don’t store your roasted beans in tins as they can give the beans a yucky metallic taste.
  • Coffee beans should always be stored as whole beans, whether you roast them yourself or buy them ready roasted.

So there it is, you now know the best way to store your coffee beans and know that adequate coffee storage is vital to ensuring a great tasting cup.  But more importantly storing coffee beans properly also prolongs their freshness.  So if you can, grind only when you are ready for a fresh cup and enjoy!


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